In Defense of Sweet Bonanza

Pragmatic Play’s six-reel, twenty-payline slot machine with a candy theme has a pleasant setup.

It may not have as many bells and whistles as some other slots, but it does provide a bonus purchase for those who can’t wait to get their hands on some free games.

All the information you need to determine if you want to give it a shot is here in this review.

How I put Sweet Bonanza to the test

I put this slot machine through its paces by playing it many times at different stakes.

I began off by placing the smallest possible wager each spin and worked my way up from there.

I made sure that my wins and additional features matched the developer’s description wherever possible.

Thanks to autoplay, I was able to set a high number of spins and let them play automatically.

To test it out, I spent money on the bonus round of free spins.

Enjoy a delicious casino bonus when you play Sweet Bonanza.

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Enjoyable Bonanza rewards and icons

These signs

This slot is visually appealing thanks to its many different candies and colorful jelly bits.

Payment Schedule

The highest payout is 50 times as much for 12 of the red heart-shaped jellies.

A blue square can double your wins by up to 25 times.

For a 15-fold payout, collect 12 green jellies.

Up to 12x can be multiplied by the blue rectangle.

You may make as much as a 10-fold return on one apple.

The peach may help you win up to eight times your initial bet.

The value of a watermelon can go up to a factor of five.

Grape bunches have a maximum exchange value of 4x.

Bananas can double winnings by up to twice their original amount.

Six of the lollipop scatter symbols will pay off 100 times your wager.

Bet sizes and an automatic play feature.

Spin the reels for as little as $0.20 and as much as $100. The number of automatic spins is adjustable when you press the autoplay button.

Perspectives on the RTP

The theoretical payout percentage of 96.48% does not guarantee any specific outcome and instead indicates the expected return for all players of this slot machine.

Degrees of uncertainty

This slot has high volatility, which means you can expect to have some losing spins but also has a chance of a big win.

The rate of success

Pragmatic Play does not provide a hit rate, but the game’s extreme volatility suggests that players shouldn’t bank on a win with every spin.

The highest possible payout

On Sweet Bonanza, the maximum payout is 21,175 times your wager.

Free spins with multipliers may be found in Sweet Bonanza.

The free spins bonus round is where players may earn the most money in this game because to the multipliers applied to their payouts.

In-Game Options

When you activate the features, the delicious flavor of the base game is amplified.

Slots with Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

No-risk Turns

You need at least four scatters to enter this bonus round. Wins are increased by the displayed amount whenever a special multiplier symbol appears as you play.

Tumbling function

With each successful combination, the corresponding symbols will vanish and be replaced by other ones, giving you further opportunities to win. This will continue until there is no longer a chance of success.

Funding for the Bonus Round

You may skip the regular spins and go straight to the bonus round if you activate the buy-in option beforehand.

In Sweet Bonanza, the bonus spins are the main attraction.

For me, the best aspect of this game is the bonus round when you get a bunch of free spins and a chance to win large thanks to the multipliers.

Bright and brazen, Sweet Bonanza

The bright and colorful visuals are quite basic, but they add to the game’s overall fun.

There are no flashy animations to distract from the experience, which is instead simplified.

The design is straightforward, and the topic is cute.

What happens if you run across problems while playing?

I made it through a good number of spins without any issues, however if the machine breaks down while you’re playing, your results will be nullified.


This slot’s candy-themed bonus round and ability to buy extra spins were two of my favorite features.

This is where I had the most thrilling tumbling sequences, and it was also where I triggered the largest multipliers.

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