The Crypt: Slot Overview

Welcome to Nolimit City’s bleak, dark realm of The Crypt, where the game sheet begins with ‘They claim legends never die.’ You wonder, though, if given enough time, even the greatest tales would be forgotten? Maybe the internet keeps people alive and successful, but one day, the sun’s expansion will dry out the Earth. Then what? If mankind colonizes other worlds by then, they may have recorded all our tales and their actions.

We can track deceased celebrities using games like The Crypt till then. The Crypt’s legends appear on the reels as zombified bones and everything. After watching the game and understanding the rules, The Crypt and the Warrior Graveyard are slightly related, and Dragon Tribe is mechanically linked. The Crypt focuses on legendary entertainers, rather than unidentified soldiers or dragons. More on them shortly. Do legends never die? Not sure whether many would follow that afterlife.

The Crypt’s math model, rated 10 out of 10 for volatility and with a free spins frequency of 1 in 328, isn’t for everyone, just like a zombie afterlife. This yields an average RTP of 96.05% (default, lesser models are available) when betting 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin, or 96% with xBet. When xBet is active, the stake increases by x3, making free spins 5 times more likely. Depending on features, a 6-reel, 4-row game grid offers 4,096 to 46,565 possibilities to win.

Legends appear on the paytable. Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon/Lou Reed(?), Kurt Cobain, Lemmy, and Elvis pay 0.9 to 2.5 times the stake for a 6 OAK win. Below them, 9 to A card royals pay 0.5 to 0.75 times the stake for 6 matching symbols. Winning symbols are eliminated from the reels in basic and free spins. Symbols fall from above to fill empty spaces until no win occurs.

Crypt Slot Features

These features—xNudge Wild, xWays, Resurrection Spins, and Nolimit Bonus—are hardly difficult by Nolimit City standards.


Wilds slide to the bottom of their reels and raise win multipliers with each step. It spreads to span the reel, replacing all symbols save the scatter. With an xWays sign, multipliers reach x6. Reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 can have xNudge Wilds. Add the values of several xNudge Wilds to get a win multiplier.


Mystery symbol xWays can disclose 2 or 3 of the same symbol, extending reels/ways. Multiple xWays symbols can land on a spin and expand a reel up to 6 symbols high. Reels may grow to 46,656 ways to win at maximum extension.

Rebirth Turns

Getting 3 scatters gives 10 Resurrection Spins. Additional scatters provide +3 Resurrection Spins. This round guarantees at least one xWays symbol on each initial cascade. Every fourth successful cascade during Resurrection Spins converts one of the five deceased legend high-pay symbols into wilds for the rest of the round and offers +2 free spins. Winners with the highest-paying symbol receive a +1x multiplier. Winning cascades with the highest-paying symbol only raise multipliers, not wilds.

No-limit Bonus

Players may purchase 10 Resurrection spins for 100x the wager (RTP 96.21%), 13 for 200x, 16 for 500x, or a Lucky Draw at 225x from the feature buy menu.

Crypt Slot Verdict

It was a bit of a who’s who in the Crypt at first. After that, it became a game of similarities and differences between The Crypt, Warrior Graveyard, and Dragon Tribe. Despite the dismal graveyard theme and growing xNudge Wild, the first two games are very different. However, Dragon Tribe and The Crypt are very similar. So much so that if you enjoyed Dragon, you might appreciate The Crypt. Returning to warriors, The Crypt’s base game may be combative. Strangely, cascading, xNudging, and other activities occurred, but results were hard to obtain. Even after turning all premium symbols into wilds, free spins may be difficult. Maybe appropriate considering the topic, but dead spins were prevalent and aggravating. Premiums may be shy at later collection stages, meaning fewer wilds where you want them. xNudges hit on the fifth reel farthest away.

If it all works, you can see the possibilities. If you capture a lot of ways, dump a lot of wilds on the reels using symbol changing capabilities, and/or get a lot of Elvis symbols with a multiplier, favorable results are possible. Shame The Crypt’s large win count-up isn’t as memorable as Nolimit City’s others. Count-ups are cryptic but not as provocative or funny as Nolimit City’s. The Crypt’s issue is that free spins are where the game cranks up a notch, but getting there may be a challenge, as the 1 in 328 spins frequency suggests. xBet reduced wait time, but at 3x the bet, it’s expensive and might eat up a stack of coins.

Extra fortunate players can earn 27,000x the stake with a theoretical frequency of 1 in 17.76 million spins on the basic RTP model, substantially higher than Dragon Tribe’s 1 in 20 billion for the same top prize. We may have nitpicked when evaluating The Crypt, but Nolimit City has a policy of dissecting each release. The inspection revealed a creative game with a humorous concept, but not one of Nolimit City’s most original slots.

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